VitaCyte to Exhibit at the 9th EPITA Symposium/38th AIDPIT Workshop

VitaCyte and its European distributor, PeloBiotech, will exhibit at the Workshop held 27 to 29 January 2019 at Congresspark Igls-Innsbruck, Austria. VitaCyte’s broad line of enriched/purified collagenase and purified neutral protease products are rigorously characterized to ensure lot to lot consistency. Collagenase Gold is a low cost product that performs similarly to the higher priced purified enzymes and is used primarily for research islet isolations (1). The GMP Grade natural (CIzyme Collagenase HA) and recombinant (rCollagenase HI) purified collagenase products are used primarily for human clincal islet isolations. Animal-origin-free enzyme mixtures can be prepared by using rCollagenase HI with either VitaCyte’s purified CIzyme Thermolysin or CIzyme BP Protease products. A recent report has shown that rCollagenase-HI/BP Protease enzyme mixtures are more efficient than Collagenase HA/BP Protease enzyme mixtures for human islet isolation (2).

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