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VitaCyte: Unravelling Cell Isolation

VitaCyte is committed to offering the broadest product line of consistent and reliable cell/tissue dissociation enzymes in the industry. Our highly purified enzymes can be used reliably in cell isolation for years, not just months. Their use directly increases research productivity by contributing to standardization of cell isolation methods that, in turn, enables more confident comparison of results — providing a deeper, shared understanding of cell function.

Featured Products

Most collagenase and protease products stand on a firm foundation of decades of research and use in labs across the world.  VitaCyte's unique contributions are simple. The first is our formulations. Superior manufacturing processes give us better control over key enzyme fermentation processes, which means no need for lot testing because our products are more consistent than most. Second, we know the science. So when you have a question, an issue, or an idea for a new application, you get your answers from the source. 


DE Collagenase Optimization Kit

Flexible and affordable, our optimization kit provides one 100 mg pack size from each of the five formulations comprising the full spectrum of DE Collagenase products.


CIzyme AS Blend

CIzyme AS is a collagenase-protease blend, specifically developed for efficiently isolating adipose derived stromal cells (ADSC) from human adipose tissue.


Collagenase Gold

Collagenase Gold is a low protease, enriched product developed with an additional purification process, optimizing it for higher yields with human islets.

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We are the source of our science. VitaCyte precision collagenase products represent a long legacy of research and development, carefully building on and extending proven science. Our collaborations with scientists and lab managers in the field have provided us with insights into an ever-expanding array of applications. Our customers challenge us to stretch our capabilities to meet new needs with new products and product lines, like our Defined Enriched (DE) Collagenases, which we methodically formulated for improved efficiency and lot consistency.

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You have questions. We have answers. We're the source of our science, which means we know our products inside and out -- literally. We offer prompt, knowledgeable product support.. Contact us.

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We welcome opportunities for collaborating on new applications for existing products, refining our formulations for your application, and exploring ideas for new products. Contact us to learn more.

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About Us

We bring more than 50 years of experience to the development of consistent and reliable purified cell and tissue dissociation enzyme products. You bring the questions and research applications that inspire us to think in new ways and spur us to innovation. conference-room_with-logo

The VitaCyte team’s goal is to share our knowledge and expertise on the characteristics and application of our enzymes with our customers, providing top-notch customer service and opportunities for collaboration to further cell isolation science. We’ve contributed to numerous scientific and technical articles, presentations, and other publications, doing our part to expand the conversation and bring new applications to life.

With distributors on three continents, VitaCyte products impact applications for tissue isolation on a global level.


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