Our Approach


Your Productivity Is Our Mission

At VitaCyte, we see ourselves as collaborators who strive to manufacture cost effective, consistent reagents that will improve the productivity of your cell isolation or cell recovery methods. As such, we’ve designed flexible lines of  enzyme products for recovering primary cells from tissue or adherent cells from tissue culture. From low-cost enzymes for academic, pre-clinical, or commercial research to purified and application-specific enzymes for regulated clinical environments, our goal is to supply products that are aligned with your product requirements.

Our collaborative philosophy was adopted by the co-founders of VitaCyte, who were key contributors of the project team that developed the first commercial, purified collagenase-protease enzyme mixture for clinical use. This product improved human islet yields, substantially contributing to establishing islet transplantation as a therapeutic option to manage pediatric and adult patients with chronic pancreatitis or adult patients with Type 1 Diabetes.

VitaCyte’s goal to address new challenges remains a cornerstone of our company. We live our mission, in part, by encouraging dialogue and collaboration, as well as improving the state of the science and working toward setting standards that will serve as industry guides.