DE Collagenase is Now PD Collagenase

The DE Collagenase product line will be discontinued and replaced with two Purified Define (PD) Collagenase formulation products, PD Collagenase 100 (Cat # 011-3010) and PD Collagenase 800 (Cat # 011-3020).

The switch will take effect March 1, 2024. The new PD Collagenase products, PD Collagenase 100 and PD Collagenase 800 will have the same formulation as DE Collagenase 100 and DE Collagenase 800. The enzymes used in the new formulation are equivalent to the enzymes used to manufacture the DE Collagenase products and no other changes will be made to the manufacturing process other than a labeling name change.

Here is a change notice for your records.

Old ProductNew ProductPack SizeEnzyme Formulation
DE Collagenase 100
Cat# 011-1010
PD Collagenase 100
Cat# 011-3010
1 gram55 mg collagenase + 18 mg BP Protease
DE Collagenase 800
Cat# 011-1050
PD Collagenase 800
Cat# 011-3020
1 gram440 mg collagenase + 18 mg BP Protease
Catalog NumberProductPack SizeActions
011-3010PD Collagenase 1001 gramNew product replaces DE100 Cat# 001-1010
011-3020PD Collagenase 8001 gramNew product replaces DE800 Cat# 001-1050
011-1010DE Collagenase 1001 gramDiscontinued
011-1020DE Collagenase 2001 gramDiscontinued
011-1030DE Collagenase 4001 gramDiscontinued
011-1040DE Collagenase 6001 gramDiscontinued
011-1050DE Collagenase 8001 gramDiscontinued
011-1110DE Collagenase 10100 mgDiscontinued
011-1120DE Collagenase 20100 mgDiscontinued
011-1130DE Collagenase 40100 mgDiscontinued
011-1140DE Collagenase 60100 mgDiscontinued
011-1150DE Collagenase 80100 mgDiscontinued

All DE Collagenase mentions on the website are discontinued and will be gradually replaced with PD Collagenase.

If you have any questions during this transition, don’t hesitate to contact us.