Why don’t you offer a formulation for my specific application?

There are over 200 mature cell types in mammals. A limited number of these cells are routinely used for research studies. These include islets and acinar cells from the pancreas, hepatocytes and non-parenchymal cells from the liver, cardiomyocytes, neural cells, and different types of kidney cells. For many of these cells, VitaCyte provides a product, reference to a method, and dose recommendation. 

For other types of cells, it is difficult to make a recommendation because of the use of traditional collagenase product in the procedure where each lot of product is unique. There are also differences in the cell isolation methodology performed in different laboratories. In these cases, review the other cells web page that translates the concentrations of different supplier products into recommended products and doses of the DE Collagenase products (see other cells).

If you want to consider working collaboratively to optimize the enzyme composition and dose used to isolate a specific cell type, contact VitaCyte technical support.