Low Cost, Enriched Collagenase-Purified Protease Enzyme Mixtures Successfully Used for Human Islet Isolation


Evolution of Enzyme Requirements for Human Islet Isolation


Improved Recovery of Human Islets From Young Donor Pancreases Utilizing Increased Protease Dose to Collagenase for Digesting Peri‐Islet Extracellular Matrix


Beneficial Effect of Recombinant rC1rC2 Collagenases on Human Islet Function: Efficacy of Low‐Dose Enzymes on Pancreas Digestion and Yield


Identifying Effective Enzyme Activity Targets for Recombinant Class I and Class II Collagenase for Successful Human Islet Isolation


Characterization and Functional Assessment of Clostridium Histolyticum Class I (C1) Collagenases and the Synergistic Degradation of Native Collagen in Enzyme Mixtures Containing Class II (C2) Collagenase


Successful Human Islet Isolation and Transplantation Indicating the Importance of Class 1 Collagenase and Collagen Degradation Activity Assay


Development and Application of Purified Tissue Dissociation Enzyme Mixtures for Human Hepatocyte Isolation


Effectiveness of Different Molecular Forms of C. histolyticum Class I Collagenase to Recover Islets


A New Enzyme Mixture to Increase the Yield and Transplant Rate of Autologous and Allogeneic Human Islet Products


Tissue Dissociation Enzymes for Isolating Human Islets for Transplantation: Factors to Consider in Setting Enzyme Acceptance Criteria


Tissue Dissociation Enzyme Neutral Protease Assessment


Development and Characterization of a Collagen Degradation Assay to Assess Purified Collagenase Used in Islet Isolation


Optimizing Porcine Islet Isolation to Markedly Reduce Enzyme Consumption Without Sacrificing Islet Yield or Function


Mouse Islet of Langerhans Isolation Using a Combination of Purified Collagenase and Neutral Protease