rCollagenase HI
(Cat. # 001-4010)


rHI is an aseptically prepared, lyophilized mixture of purified recombinant collagenase C1 (ColG) and purified recombinant collagenase C2 (ColH) from engineered E. coli. rHI is manufactured to provide the optimal collagenase activity for recovering islets from human pancreata when combined with purified BP Protease.  

  • Entirely animal origin free
  • Manufactured for superior lot-to-lot enzyme consistency for improved performance consistency
  • Sufficient enzyme activity to release islets from average size adult human pancreata
  • Lot specific Certificate of Analysis provided with complete QC analysis results
  • White lyophilized cake under vacuum in amber bottle sealed with butyl rubber stopper
  • Highly purified recombinant collagenases blended to minimize the amount of activity required for maximum islet recovery
  • Stable for at least 2 years when stored at -20°C
  • Lyophilized in a buffer containing calcium to ensure enzymes stability during initial reconstitution

This product is purified from E. coli cells grown in entirely animal origin free media components. Standard chromatography techniques are used to purify recombinant collagenase from separate strains to near homogeneity. After assessing enzyme potency for each rC1 and rC2, the recombinant collagenases are sterile filtered, aseptically blended and aseptically dispensed into depyrogenated vials followed by lyophilization. When fully dry, the rHI is sealed under vacuum. Representative samples are reconstituted and analyzed by a variety of quality control tests and compared to established specifications before release into inventory.

Find the Pack Insert, Safety Data Sheet, Specifications, and Certificate of Animal Origin in the Product Documentation page.

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