Collagenase Gold
(Cat. # 011-1060)


Collagenase Gold is low protease, enriched collagenase product from Clostridium histolyticum that can be used for isolating cells from tissue or recovering adherent cells after in vitro culture. Collagenase Gold can be used for isolating human islets with the appropriate neutral protease.

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  • Approximately 85-90% of protein recovered from the enrichment procedure is collagenase
  • Purification process eliminates the majority of contaminating protease activity including clostripain (trypsin-like activity)
  • Weigh out what you need or reconstitute and use the entire bottle
  • Costs 33-50% less than purified enzymes typically used for human islet isolation
  • Combine with your choice of neutral protease for your established protocol
  • Lot specific Certificate of Analysis provided with complete QC analysis results
  • White lyophilized cake under vacuum in amber bottle sealed with butyl rubber stopper
  • Each bottle contains a minimally hygroscopic, polypeptide excipient that enables easy weighing for intended use and protects the product from enzyme degradation during storage

Collagenase Gold is an aseptically filled, lyophilized preparation of enriched Clostridium histolyticum collagenase. Approximately 85-90% of the C. histolyticum protein in this preparation is collagenase. Collagenase is obtained from culture supernatants of C. histolyticum that contain porcine gelatin and pancreatic enzymes sterilized prior to bacterial fermentation. Collagenase Gold is labelled with a number that reflects the minimal amount of total collagenase FALGPA activity1 per bottle. Each bottle also contains a minimally hygroscopic, polypeptide excipient that enables the user to weigh out the amount of product required for use and also protects the product from enzyme degradation during storage. The product is sold as 100 mg (#011-1160) or 1g (#011-1060) pack sizes where the mass represents the dry weight of the protein.
Collagenase Gold is prepared for research use only.

Suggested Assays

Each lot of product is characterized for collagenase activity using the FALGPA peptide substrate1. The clostripain and trypsin-like activities are determined on the specific lot of enriched collagenase used to prepare the Collagenase Gold product2. The amount of these activities is calculated based on the amount of collagenase dispensed into each product.


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  2. Mitchell WM and Harrington WF. Methods in Enzymology 19 (1970) 635-642.

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