CIzyme RI
(Cat. # 005-1030)


CIzyme RI is an aseptically filled, lyophilized mixture of 60% purified class I (C1) and 40% purified class II (C2) collagenase from Clostridium histolyticum pre-mixed with neutral protease from Bacillus polymyxa. CIzyme RI was developed using C57BL/6 mice and can be used for isolating rodent islets.

Cat. # 005-1030 Category:
  • Manufactured for superior lot-to-lot enzyme consistency for improved performance consistency
  • Formulated to contain an optimal amount of Collagen Degrading Activity (CDA) and Neutral Protease Activity (NPA) for rodent islet isolation
  • Low contaminating endotoxin levels (<25 EU/OD)
  • Lot specific Certificate of Analysis provided with complete QC analysis results
  • White lyophilized cake under vacuum in amber bottle sealed with butyl rubber stopper
  • Contains approximately 375,000 CDA units and 75,000 NPA units.
  • Unopened product stable for at least 2 years when stored between -15 to -25°C; internal studies indicate comparable stability for reconstituted, frozen solution for at least 3 months at the same temperatures
  • Lyophilized in a buffer containing calcium to ensure enzyme stability during initial reconstitution.

CIzyme RI is purified from culture supernatants of C. histolyticum that contain porcine gelatin and pancreatic enzymes derived from US and Canadian sources. No animal derived products are used in the culture of B. polymyxa or in any step of the purification process for either enzyme. Standard chromatography techniques are used to purify the collagenase.

After assessing enzyme potency, the collagenase is aseptically dispensed into depyrogenated vials and lyophilized. When dry, the Collagenase AS vials are sealed under vacuum. A representative sample from the batch is reconstituted and analyzed by a variety of quality control tests. Results are compared to established specifications before release into inventory.

Suggested Assays

VitaCyte relies on several biochemical tools to characterize and ensure the consistency of components used to prepare CIzyme RI. The Collagenase activity is characterized using both the traditional Wünsch (Pz-peptide) substrate and a more recently developed fluorescent microplate collagen degrading activity (CDA) assays. The CDA relies on fluorecein isothiocyanate (FITC) labeled calf skin collagen fibrils as substrate. The B. polymyxa neutral protease activity (NPA) is measured using a FITC labeled BSA.


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