VitaCyte is 20 years old!

Happy Birthday, VitaCyte!

VitaCyte is celebrating its 20 year anniversary! Thank you to everyone who has participated in this 20 year journey to improve the science behind enzyme-mediated cell isolation. We thank all of our customers, past, present, and future, who continue to help make all this possible.

Each Newsletter published during the Anniversary Year will link to a “Reflections post” that describes portions of the experimental work that led VitaCyte to make key insights to improve our understanding of enzyme-mediated cell isolation methods. The first post by Bob McCarthy describes how and why VitaCyte started as an independent firm and what new insights into cell isolation were the product of receipt of Phase I and II Small Business Innovation Research awards from NIDDK. We appreciate any feedback you have on this and upcoming Reflections articles.  

Timeline of VitaCyte

Evolution of Enzymes

Methods for Human Islet Isolation

New Swag

There is new limited addition 20 year anniversary merch. Did you find a shirt in your order box? Stop by our symposium at IPITA IXA CTRMS Joint Congress 2023 for merch. First come first serve.