How do I transition from a Sigma, Worthington, or Nordmark collagenase product to a VitaCyte collagenase product?

This is dependent on the cell you are isolating.
VitaCyte has enzyme product/formulations and recommended doses to isolate:

  • Rodent Islets
  • Porcine Islets
  • Non-Human Primate Islets
  • Human Islets
  • Rodent and Human Hepatocytes
  • Rodent Cardiomyocytes
  • Human Adipose

These recommendations can be found on the Applications page. 

For other cells, view the other cells page that translates the concentrations of different supplier products into recommended products and doses of the DE Collagenase products.

You can also contact VitaCyte’s technical service team that has a significant amount of experience working with customers to have them transition switching enzymes in their cell isolation procedures. The advantage of using VitaCyte’s product in place of traditional collagenase products is that once product and dose of enzyme used in an isolation is determined, there is no need to perform lot qualification again. VitaCyte’s products are consistently manufactures and the neutral protease activity, the key variable in any enzyme formulation, is tightly controlled to minimize variability between lots.