What is the difference between the CIzyme Collagenase HA and CIzyme Collagenase MA products?

CIzyme Collagenase HA (high activity)  and MA (moderate activity) differ only in the amount of truncated class 1 (C1) collagenase present. Truncated C1 is defined as that form of C1 that has lost the carboxy terminal collagen binding domain. Truncated C1 has a mass about 90% of intact C1. Both HA and MA are 60%:40% blends of highly purified class 1 and class 2 collagenase (C2), respectively. Collagenase MA will have a lower CDA specific activity relative to the HA product, because it contains intact and truncated C1. By contrast, Collagenase HA contain predominantly intact C1. (i.e., C2 and truncated C1). The two products have comparable Wunsch specific activities.