Cat. # 004-1000


CIzyme Clostripain is an aseptically dispensed, lyophilized purified unactivated protein from Clostidium histolyticum. This 25 mg pack size can be used as a supplement to collagenase in tissue dissociation applications often along with the appropriate neutral protease.

Cat. # 004-1000 Category:
  • Manufactured for superior lot-to-lot enzyme consistency for improved performance consistency
  • Low contaminating endotoxin levels (<50.0 EU/mg)
  • Lot specific Certificate of Analysis provided with complete QC analysis results
  • White lyophilized cake under vacuum in amber bottle sealed with butyl rubber stopper
  • Contains approximately 375,000 CDA units and 75,000 NPA units.
  • Unopened product stable for at least 2 years when stored between -15 to -25°C; internal studies indicate comparable stability for reconstituted, frozen solution for at least 3 months at the same temperatures
  • Shipped on dry ice to ensure enzyme stability during initial reconstitution.

Manufacturing Details:

This product is purified from culture supernatants of C. histolyticum cultures that contain porcine gelatin or porcine pancreatic enzyme derived from US and Canadian sources. No bovine derived animal products are used in any step used to prepare the purified collagenase enzymes.

CIzyme Clostripain is dispensed by mass and the total BAEE units of enzyme activities are detailed on the lot specific certificate of analysis. Treatment of a reducing agent will convert the unactivated form into the active form, which is approximately 10-fold higher by BAEE substrate.

Potency Characterization:

The peptide substrate N-benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl ester (BAEE) is the traditional method of assaying clostripain activity. This peptide was originally developed to detect trypsin activity, but works for clostripain as well. The assay is run in the buffer described in the reference for the unactivated activity and also in the presence of a reducing agent (DTT) to determine the activated clostripain activity.

Find the Pack Insert, Safety Data Sheet, Specifications, and Certificate of Animal Origin in the Product Documentation page.

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