Do you feel like weatherman Phil Connors (i.e., Bill Murray) reliving Groundhog Day when you qualify new lots of traditional collagenase to isolate rodent islets? Phil was trapped in a time loop and finally broke out when he helped people in Punxsutawney on Groundhog Day, winning the heart of Rita Hanson (i.e., Andie MacDowell).

Avoid living in a time loop, break away from the need to qualify new lots of collagenase by switching to CIzyme RI, a purified, defined enzyme mixture designed for rodent islet isolation. At a major diabetes center, consistent islet yields per pancreas were obtained when CIzyme RI was used to isolate islets from >7200 Sprague-Dawley rat pancreata. These isolations were performed over a 7 year period, using 12 different lots of CIzyme RI. The same dose of enzyme or timing of digest was used for all isolations.

Compare your mouse or rat islet yields with those obtained using CIzyme RI by downloading the white paper “What is an acceptable rodent islet yield”