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VitaCyte: Unravelling Cell Isolation

VitaCyte is committed to offering the broadest product line of consistent and reliable enzymes to recover functional cells from tissue or after cell culture. Once an optimal enzyme formulation has been defined by the user, this formulation can be used reliably for cell isolation for years, not just months. Their use directly increases research productivity by contributing to standardization of cell isolation methods that, in turn, enables more confident comparison of results — providing a deeper, shared understanding of cell function.

Featured Products

We design and develop all VitaCyte collagenase and protease products with one guiding principle in mind: consistency. We produce consistent enriched and purified enzyme products using robust manufacturing processes to minimize contaminants that affect recovery of functional cells from tissue or after in vitro culture. Our products are characterized using physico-chemical and functional analysis of enzyme activities to ensure that their purity and functional activity meet specifications. We welcome all feedback about our products' performance – as well as suggestions for new products that will address your unmet needs.


AOF Thermolysin
(Cat. # 002-3000)

Supplement your rodent, monkey, and human pancreata islet isolation applications with AF Thermolysin protease.


AOF BP Protease
(Cat. # 003-2000)

A neutral protease designed to work with our collagenases to isolate islets, hepatocytes, and adipose derived stromal cells (ADSC).


Collagenase HA
Cat. # 001-1000

For isolating islets from human pancreata with appropriate neutral protease.

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Our Capabilities

We are the source of our science. VitaCyte collagenase and protease enzyme products represent a long legacy of research and development, carefully building on and extending proven science. Our collaborations with scientists and lab managers in the field have provided us with insights into an ever-expanding array of applications. Our customers challenge us to stretch our capabilities to meet new needs with new products and product lines, like our Defined Enriched (DE) Collagenases, that are priced to compete with crude collagenase products while being manufactured to remove contaminating proteins, reducing lot to lot variability, with an increase in stability on storage.

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We welcome opportunities for collaborating on new applications for existing products, refining our formulations for your application, and exploring ideas for new products. Contact us to learn more.

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About Us

VitaCyte was founded in 2004 with the commitment to the manufacture and support of defined enzyme products conference-room_with-logoused to recover primary cells from tissue or adherent cells after in vitro culture. This commitment is supported by:

  • encouraging dialogue with users to support challenges they may face to improve the recovery of functional cells;
  • searching for new cost effective solutions to meet unmet user needs;
  • and sharing practical knowledge of what we have learned to improve cell recovery

VitaCyte’s products are sold on three continents. If you do not find a distributor in your area, contact VitaCyte directly.

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